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Baskin Bar Hopping

These are the best spots in Baskin to get your fill of nightlife!

Sweet Tomatoes
13101 Seminole Blvd
Largo, FL 33778

Sweet Tomatoes is a really popular choice for our Clearwater Limousine customers in the Baskin area. Beloved by vegetarians but appreciated by all, this is a great salad bar and buffet type of place where you can get really fresh soups, bread, salads, and so much more. The baked potato bar is the joy of all joys, where you can load up your baked spuds with just about any topping you could ever desire. The dessert muffins are just amazing and we love the sundaes too! Did we mention that they've got great pizza and foccacia too? Mmm!

iThai & Sushi
11002 Seminole Blvd
Largo, FL 33778

iThai & Sushi is really ideal for all of our Clearwater Limousine customers in the Baskin area who love both Thai food and Japanese sushi! It's the perfect blend of those two worlds and we just can't get enough of it! The classic pad thai is always a great choice here, and they've got really delectable Thai iced tea to go along with it! Mm-mmm good! The pad se ewew is another dish that we'd recommend very highly. The sushi offerings are classic and traditional, with yummy modern touches to set it off just right. Great Philly rolls here for sure!

Frida's Cafe & Bakery
9700 Ulmerton Rd
Largo, FL 33771

Frida's Cafe & Bakery is known for having the best baked fare in the Baskin area, and Clearwater Limousine customers just love to stop in for an amazing and memorable dessert! The pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting is something that we have absolutely fallen in love with, and we also can't get enough of the classic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and ganache. Wow. It is clear that no matter what you choose from their epic menu, you will be beyond pleased with it. One of the most pleasant cafe atmospheres of anyplace around!

Oishii Fondue Hot Pot & Sushi Bar
10500 Ulmerton Rd
Largo, FL 33771

Oishii Fondue Hot Pot & Sushi Bar is another of our top choices for great sushi, plus fondue! The Baskin area is really lucky to have a gem like this one. When you're out with Clearwater Limousine, be sure and stop in and enjoy this conveyer belt sushi establishment that is too much fun! The hamachi rolls are some of our favorite things and we're also in love with the spicy conch rolls. The uni nigiri is also just amazing! Other than the sushi, we'd also recommend the soft shell crab tempura and the beef shabu shabu! Great service, nice prices!

The Pie Factory
12777 Walsingham Rd
Largo, FL 33774

The Pie Factory is a dessert haven for our Clearwater Limousine travelers in the Baskin area! When we think of this place, we instantly think "pie and coffee!" Just the perfect way to finish off whatever amazing meal you've had elsewhere! The atmosphere is really comfy and cozy and they've got such a huge number of pies for you to go crazy over! A total of 35! Can you believe it? Our top picks are probably the coconut cream pie and the key lime. You'll be surprised at just how much room there is for groups here and how great the service is!

Sonny's BBQ
2250 Seminole Blvd
Largo, FL 33778

Sonny's BBQ is a fantastic place to go and get some delicious barbecue when your travels with Clearwater Limousine bring you to the Baskin area. Not only is it a great family style restaurant, but they also do catering for your big events! Very nice. They've got a very nice salad bar and lots of good beers on tap too. Our Clearwater Limousine customers have remarked about how great the smoky ribs are and how irresistible the pulled pork is! This is the kind of high quality barbecue that you will never be able to resist! Very highly recommended!

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