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Booking limousines and party buses often comes with a slew of questions, ranging from logistics to customization options. Customers commonly inquire about availability, especially during peak seasons or holidays, and whether the limo or party bus you're interested in can accommodate their desired date and time. Limo pricing is another frequent inquiry, as individuals seek clarity on what's included in the package and any potential extra costs like fuel surcharges or gratuity. Customers often inquire about customization options, such as decorating the vehicle for special occasions to their preferences. Additionally, questions about cancellation policies, deposit requirements, and payment methods which will be addressed during the booking process so you can plan accordingly. By addressing these questions helps clients feel more confident and informed when booking limousines and party buses for their special events, ensuring a smooth and memorable experience for your next outing with our professionals.

Unfortunately, we don't have restrooms on our vehicles. They end up smelling less than pleasant, so instead we offer unlimited stops so you can take a break whenever you'd like.

We certainly allow for drinking if you meet the legal drinking age, but as for smoking, we have a zero tolerance policy. Please do not smoke on our vehicles!

We certainly do! For a better idea of where we provide service, take a look at our service area page.

Our vehicles have iPod compatible stereo systems with subwoofers, plasma televisions with DVD inputs, tinted windows, comfortable leather seating, ice filled bar areas, hardwood flooring, and more.

We charge overtime according to your hourly rate, so you won't have surprise fees!

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