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We know that pricing is a sensitive issue to many of our customers. After all, we are in a hard hit economy, as unfortunate as that may be. To be a successful business in this day and age, you have to be willing to adapt with changes, and that's exactly what we've done in regards to our pricing. Instead of charging our customers the most we can to make a large profit margin, we base our pricing on variables so you'll always get savings passed on to you. When you choose Clearwater Limousine, you're choosing a company who truly cares about where you're spending your money, and the value you get for those dollars! Who will also work with you the best they can.

When you call for a rate, make sure to let our booking agent know where it is you want to go, when you will need our professional transportation services, and how many passengers you are expecting. This allows us to give you an accurate price quote that you'll surely be satisfied with! If you aren't satisfied with the quote we've given you, be sure to split the cost between passengers for an easy per person rate, or avoid our busy seasons. Busy times are usually more expensive, and those include holidays, weekends, as well as early spring until late summer. It doesn't matter when you book, you're still getting the best limousine service in Clearwater for a outstanding price in comparison to the quality! We know you wish that you could see all of the prices listed on the site, but to save our customers the most money we do custom quotes only.

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Be sure to give us a call with all of your information, and we'll give you a price quote in seconds! Be mindful that our price quotes include absolutely everything down to the last drop of fuel. Other companies will likely charge you all kinds of miscellaneous fees as soon as they pull up to your pick up destination. Make the right decision for your pocketbook with Clearwater Limousine & party bus! Some other honest limo businesses we recommend are Limo Service Baton Rouge and Limo Service Toledo, among many other friendly party bus and limo companies.

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